Websters Chalk Paint Powder


Over the past few years we've been experimenting with different brands of chalk paints and developing our own way of painting.

Some paints have been of good quality - but with very limited colour ranges.

Some paints have had a better colour choice - but haven't been of a great quality.

Some paints have been difficult to buy locally.  When I decide to paint I want to paint NOW - not wait 3 weeks until my choice of colour is in stock!

And importantly, ALL the paints have been expensive!


But now we've discovered a different type of product.

Webster's Chalk Paint Powder is something different.


You don't buy coloured chalk paint. 

You buy some Chalk Paint Powder and you add it to any emulsion paint.

ANY emulsion paint.

ANY brand.

ANY colour.


ANY emulsion paint. ANY brand. ANY colour.

Not sure how it works?

Watch the video...



We love using Pinterest to share ideas and inspirations - whether that's for in the home, garden or in the craft room. We've just created a board specifically to share inspirations for using Webster's Chalk Paint Powder to revive and refresh a variety of pieces. Click the link below to peek at what's already there. Follow our board if you'd like to see new inspirations as they are added.


Old Hat - painted furniture inspirations for using Websters Chalk Paint powder



I know what you're thinking.

'Ok. Sounds great. Just how far will I have to travel to get the wonder stuff?'


Guess which of your favourite Narberth vintage stores just became the first stockist of Websters Chalk Paint Powder in Wales?


I knew you could guess!


Webster's Chalk Paint Powder - now available online from Old Hat!

A sample pack at £4 is a great place to start - it will mix with 250ml of emulsion paint and paint a medium-sized piece.  



Sample Pack


Standard Pack


Don't Fancy Painting?

We love Webster's Chalk Paint Powder so if you don't fancy painting pieces yourself, don't worry. We'll be using it to paint and sell beautiful pieces ourselves from our store in Narberth so please pop in and have a look.


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