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Sharing our vintage styling tips, ideas and inspirations for living a simpler life - with an occasional reference to our binkying bunnies and all set against the backdrop of beautiful Pembrokeshire in Wales.


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Fresh find

Fresh vintage find alert!

     Finding something rare and beautifully simple always gives us a special buzz…   This time we discovered a gorgeous vintage German vinegar storage crock that stands almost 2 feet tall and still has it’s original wooden tap.       

Top hat and tails

Art Deco Find – Perfect for the Stylish Gentleman

 The 1920's and 30's were the era of stylish gentlemen… …but who says we can’t be stylish now? Especially with the help of our latest amazing vintage find…           Stunning Art Deco Mappin and Webb Dress Set in Platinum, Diamond, Mother of Pearl and 18ct Gold This amazing find evokes the look of […]

Oil Painting

Dusty Attic Finds…

    Sometimes you find treasure in the most unexpected places… We found these lovely oil paintings hidden in a box in a dusty attic. I can’t imagine owning them and not putting them on a wall to enjoy! Right now we’re enjoying them in the shop. I definitely prefer the one on the left. The […]

Control freak

Old Hat News!

     Old Hat started as a pop-up shop in Narberth as an experiment to see if it could work. It did. But then the premises were sold and we had to search for something else. This being Narberth there was little available, but then a friend found the little shop that we still occupy […]

Tree with title

Christmas Inspirations

Being in retail, we have to think about Christmas a long time before you think about it at home. So we’ve already had to work out what to do to add festive décor when we don’t have space in the shop for a tree…

Mrs Beeton's Excellent Mincemeat Recipe

Mrs Beeton’s Excellent Mincemeat Recipe – homemade is best!

     In about 1860 Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management was published as a guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain. In reality, Mrs Beeton wasn’t very experienced in running a household of the type she wrote of – but some of her recipes (many reputedly ‘borrowed’ from others) are […]

Lamps and clock with web address

Old Hat News – meet the work of our latest Artisan Trader

  There are some incredibly talented artisans living and working in Pembrokeshire… …and now another one has work available for sale in Old Hat.       The lamps and clocks are all made with recycled items sourced locally and are then designed and put together in Pembrokeshire. Only the electrical components (such as the clock […]