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Old Hat started as a pop-up shop in Narberth as an experiment to see if it could work.

It did.

But then the premises were sold and we had to search for something else. This being Narberth there was little available, but then a friend found the little shop that we still occupy in Market Square. We've waited for something to come up - but nothing has. We have so much vintage gorgeousness stored that we want to share.

So we tried another experiment; we moved some of our gorgeous vintage finds into a unit in the Old Curiosity Antiques Centre in Carmarthen. 

We've sold quite well there... but we've realised something.

We're control freaks! Well, erm... if I'm honest...


I tried to deny it.


If I'm really honest...

I like things done a certain way. In the shop. Online. When creating displays. When speaking to customers. When taking pictures...

And the thing about someone else selling for us in Carmarthen is, well, they don't do it my way!

And, call me fussy, so many people like our little shop that, maybe, my way is best. At least as far as Old Hat is concerned.

So, with many thanks to Clive at Old Curiosity, we've decided that Old Hat is the best place to sell our kind of Old Hat.

For now, Market Square and our online shop are the places to find Old Hat.

Yes, there is something else in the design stage. But me being a control freak, I'm not ready to share until I'm happy.

Mr Quirky tells me that he wouldn't like it any other way.

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