Smashing Pumpkins – Beautiful Autumn Display using Websters Chalk Paint Powder


"Call in and pick up some crisps while you're out love."

We've all had those texts.

But it was ok, because I was still ruminating over how to create a shop window display that incorporates the changing season AND Websters Chalk paint Powder.

Thankfully, the answer came as soon as I popped into the supermarket and spotted some fairly small pumpkins for sale - for just 50p each! I excitedly selected half a dozen - and only remembered the crisps on the way out...


Preparing the Pumpkins

Obviously, I want the pumpkins to last as long as possible, and to look beautiful for all that time! I've researched ways of preserving the pumpkins and chose the simplest.


I popped the pumpkins in the bath and added warm water, along with about half a pint of bleach. Hopefully, the bleach would kill some of the bacteria which would begin to break down the pumpkin, delaying its demise.

The pumpkins floated so I turned them regularly to ensure the bleach got to every part of the skin. I let them soak for a few hours.


As it was sunny outside I set up a folding table on the pavement and took my supplies out with me.

This project was perfect for using up leftover mixed Websters, but it would have been just as easy to split a sample pack and mix it with 3 small (100ml) tester pots of paint.  I made sure to shake the stored leftovers in case they had settled and, after simply wiping the pumpkins dry with kitchen towel, I set to! I used my Chalk Paint Pro brushes and there was no need for any further preparation of the surface.

I got some very odd looks from passers by - but also lots of positive comments on my bright idea!

The paint went on easily - and only the white needed a second coat.  This was a quick project just using leftovers, but straight away I was pleased with the results. I love using Valspar emulsion to mix with Websters because of the vast choice  of colours. The bright blue on the end will actually dry to a lovely navy blue - one of my favourite Valspar shades called 'Blue Fringe'.




Unfortunately, the rain started to fall as my pumpkins dried; I quickly gathered them up and headed indoors...the others will have to wait.


So that's what I did - and how I did it. Fancy having a go? We'd love to see what colours you choose. Of course, with Websters Chalk Paint Powder you can choose any brand, in any colour!


Have fun!




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