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When we decided to open out our little storage area and create extra shop space I thought long and hard about how to use and decorate it. It is a tiny space, narrow and long, with a high ceiling and open beams. I looked at the main space and knew that we needed a contrast.


On the mantel in the shop is a small display. I used an old pine cupboard door to add height. It’s original brown paint needed breaking up so I had painted one panel in chalkboard paint. I’d since discovered that any light coloured item looked absolutely stunning against the black…

With a spark of inspiration in the back of my mind I started to research.

It’s easy to get hold of chalkboard paint in any home décor store. But would the black create a great space or a dark hole?


kids chalkboard


Using chalkboard paint in the home for a child to draw on is not a new idea… but as a part of the décor?


chalk frames


This is a slightly more ‘grown-up’ version of the child’s chalkboard; a space for leaving notes for each other, writing shopping lists, or things to remember. It is still a small area though…




This is an idea for either renters (who can’t paint the walls black!) or those who can’t decide whether they are brave enough to paint a full wall. Paint a very large canvas or assemble a collection of smaller painted canvases to create the chalkboard wall.


half wall


This space has used a half-painted wall to allow the room to remain light and airy but with a touch of drama.


simple shelf

This image is starting to look something like I was imagining; simple kitchen items displayed on a simple shelf appearing almost sculptural against a chalkboard wall.

mustard sofa

I would never have imagined such a classic look was achieved with the use of black walls. I love the way that the mustard-coloured sofa stands out. The whole effect is dramatic but quite cosy.

quirky illustration

I love this! The chalkboard paint becomes a canvas for the quirky illustrations in this hallway. And when you get bored? Wipe it away and create something new!


Another quirky take on a chalkboard wall, this time in a bathroom. I so hope they added a frameless mirror to the drawn outline!


This is a very stylish commercial use of a chalkboard wall. The restaurant has a very high ceiling; the black walls bring it closer. The menu is written all over the walls and can easily be changed whenever required, making it actually very practical.

kid pics

I found this idea a while ago; I wish I had discovered it when my own children were smaller. Not sure my 6 feet tall son would appreciate the sentiment now…

These images helped me make my decision, and, despite my partners’ misgivings, I painted the small area using chalkboard paint. I’m so glad I did!


These wall shelves carry some of our lovely vintage kitchenalia. Each piece looks beautiful against the black wall. Next I think that I’ll start experimenting with chalk…

All these images now feature on our new Pinterest Board; Old Hat – Chalkboard Inspiration. Click on any picture to reach the board; there you will find the source information for each one.

Let us know what you think. Feeling inspired to paint using chalkboard paint? Have you seen it used creatively?

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