We’ve been busy!

We manage to squeeze an awful lot into a small space at Old Hat. Small premises mean that we can keep our prices low so that everyone can enjoy a little vintage. Over the past week or so though we have managed to squeeze a little more space from the building, allowing us to display even more. Want a sneak peak?



As the new space is well-lit, we’ve gone for a much darker theme.


Using blackboard paint to create the backdrop really allows beautiful vintage pieces to ‘pop’, don’t you think?


The new space is mostly used to display our growing range of traditional farmhouse kitchen pieces; some  Welsh, some British and some French, but all true vintage.


If you’re in the area why not pop in for a better look?

If you’re further away and like what you see why not bookmark our site? Our online shop is growing and allows you to be a part of Old Hat Quirky & Vintage.

Take care.











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