Vintage Glass, Silver and Flowers

Vintage shakers, mustard pots and cruets are not often used anymore. It’s a shame, as they gave a real sense of elegance at the dinner table. Many are beautiful, especially those decorative glass pieces with gorgeously tarnished silver tops, and it’s a shame to waste anything so attractive. Instead, they look stunning teamed with flowers as part of a vignette in your home.


A very simple vignette with traditionally British items; cut and pressed glass, roses and silver.

Claret jug

A rose features again but this time the silver is far more ornate…


Gathering several items on a simple tray creates a simple unity.

At Old Hat we have several pieces that can be used to create beautiful vignettes in your own home. Take a peek…

2014-08-14 12.16.38

2014-08-14 12.15.582014-08-14 12.15.002014-08-14 12.15.27 Play around on a tray in the shop with our selection of pieces to create your own display that’s easy to create and has gorgeous impact.

See you soon!

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