Taking Time – using Vintage clocks in the Home

We love using vintage clocks to create beautiful vignettes. We’re not alone; here’s a collection of vintage vignettes featuring clocks for inspiration…

(As usual, click on the image to follow to the original source where available).

Simple clock and bottle

This is a really simple but effective little vignette. A pretty bottle with flowers from the garden set upon a tarnished silver plate tray along with an old alarm clock. Easy to replicate!

 Clocks bottle and books

This similar vignette features a tied stack of well-worn books but still features the clock and bottle. A single hydrangea head fills the bottle. Sweet!

 Pair enamel clocks

I love the colours of these vintage alarm clocks; they don’t really need anything adding to look good!

Clocks and books

This vignette is darker and features a Westclox model (the significance of this to become clear later!). Here a mini-collection creates interest. The clocks all show different times; for different time zones? Maybe some don’t work. Who cares, it looks lovely!

 Clock mantel

 Another Sweet Pea Home vignette featuring a much larger collection of clocks. I love this one!

‘Well!’ I hear you cry, ‘That all looks amazing, but where can I buy a lovely vintage clock so that I can recreate these ideas at home?’ As it happens, we at Old Hat have just sourced a beautiful collection of around a dozen gorgeous old Westclox alarm clocks, most of them being around 50-60 years old. Every one of them has been tested this morning in the shop and is working right now.

Want to see? Here’s a selection…


 We have square ones. Love the flowers and the pale pink paint on the smaller one…

Very vintage and penguins

We have round and very distressed ones…

 Black face

 We have dark faced ones with white numbers…

White face

…and light-faced ones with dark numbers.

Why not take time to pop into the shop and see the rest of the collection? With prices starting from just £5 they’ll be hard to resist…






















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