All White…

One interior design theme that seems perennially popular is white. All white.

White stool

I love chippy white paint on vintage pieces. It can’t be bettered. But could I live in an all-white home? Or even just a room?

Bedroom and linens

In this image I like the lovely bedside cupboard. The white paint and the slightly distressed finish bring out the detailing. The same goes for the little white side table. Somehow though I find the all-white bed linen a little too much for my taste. It’s pretty, but doesn’t seem very practical… I live with a man for a start!

 Shadow boxes

I do like the use of the boxes on the wall here. The fact that they are all white allows the shapes and textures of their contents to take centre stage. The rest of it though…is just too white!


 I do love this chest and could quite happily live with it in my home. But it would be styled with a white jug of pretty blue flowers. And maybe that lovely vintage blue and white Danish teapot that we have in the shop…

A little colour

 Now this is more like it! There’s a lot of white here but warmth is added by the soft dove grey of the beautifully aged chair. Okay, so I might have used a soft blue hydrangea rather than white, but this I could live with.

Large G

This bedroom has white walls, white woodwork, white radiator, white bedding and a painted white floor. But the use of the wooden table, the crate and the oversized letter G gives a real warmth and homeliness to the space. This I could definitely live with…

Touch of green

There doesn’t have to be a lot of colour to lift the white from sterile or sometimes ‘twee’ into beautiful and stylishly homely. This is just stunning!

More green So I think I’m finally narrowing down what I like… I feel that using white in home décor can be beautiful where it is warmed by living things; plants, flowers and greenery, and the beautiful wooden items that add warmth and cosiness.



So now I have a clearer picture of how I like white to be used in the home. How about you? All white? No white? Or like me, somewhere in between?


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