Fresh Vintage Find!

Actually, this is probably an antique find but let’s not be pedantic!

We recently purchased a box of old bottles and jars with the intention of washing them out and using them as vases in the shop. Lurking at the bottom of the box we found this wonderful piece. I love it!

Cakeoma and flowers

Cakeoma was one of the first ranges of cake mixes produced, starting in 1884. It was made in Liverpool, England and was accompanied by a range of cookbooks and accessories such as this jar to store candied peel. You can still buy some of the later cookbooks as the company was still producing into the 1950’s.


After much research I can only find one other similar jar for sale. in Japan have a Cakeoma jar for storing rice priced at 27,000 yen. Theirs is a little less discoloured but is also cracked… After a quick check on a currency convertor this equates to a phenomenal £155!

Cakeoma - lid

Our philosophy is to keep things affordable, so, despite me actually wanting to keep this lovely find, we have priced the jar at £40 in our online shop.

Cakeoma - closeup

It just goes to show… you never know what you might find when you go out foraging!

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