Caravan Love

Pembrokeshire is finally starting to see some sunshine… which means that we are also starting to see holidaymakers coming to enjoy our stunning countryside and amazing beaches. And some of these visitors bring along their own accommodation.

Pembrokeshire roads are starting to see quite a bit of this mobile accommodation and yesterday, whilst sitting behind a sleek shiny caravan pulled by a large 4×4 and daydreaming (no, I wasn’t the one driving!), I realised that I quite liked the idea of having a small vintage caravan to escape in. Nothing like the sleek monster in front of me, which probably contained a huge flatscreen, a microwave, at least one games console and chargers for a number of other modern electronic items, but something more basic, with pretty vintage fabrics and kitchenware.

 Caravan rear

Do caravans like this still exist? I did some research…

Pink caravan

This vintage caravan is quite sweet. Candy pink and white, it looks the part on the outside. Inside though is a little plain maybe?

Yellow interior

Well, you can’t call this interior plain! It’s a little closer to what I was imagining…


Okay, so we can’t see inside this one – but some of it’s contents are already outside. And they are definitely my kind of vintage. And I’m sorry, but any caravan this cute with a window that shape has to hit the target!


Okay, everything except the lampshade…

Gorgeous with bike

 Getting closer now!

Mental pic

Alright, I admit it…this is kind of my mental image of us in a vintage caravan. It’s not a realistic dream…(I’d have to suddenly get younger and a lot slimmer for a start!)

Sea view

But you know what? I don’t think that this is beyond my reach…especially as Pembrokeshire already provides the scenery!

Now I just have to persuade my other half…


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