Essence of Old Hat

This photograph was taken whilst we were messing around with the settings on the camera in the shop. I was about to discard it when I took a closer look…

Essence of Old Hat


After looking at it for a while (and being in a philosophical mood) it occurred to me that it depicts almost the essence of Old Hat; the sweet little drawers came from an antique dressing table (the chippy paint is original and gorgeous!), the vintage shaker has been filled with beautiful vintage buttons and turned into a work of art (which can be raided when a button is lost!), Valmai Davies, local textile artisan, created the beautifully decorative hearts by utilising vintage Welsh wool blankets.

These are the things that we love at Old Hat; the beautifully worn and loved, the repurposed, and the artisan-created. All can be found under our roof (and on sunny, dry days, outside on the Narberth pavement!) in many, ever-changing, shapes and forms…


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