Busy Day at the Studio

Today was one of those inbetween days: one where the weather can’t quite decide what to do – so goes for a bit of everything. Well, it is Pembrokeshire!

Leaving the shop in very capable hands I decided to head off to the studio.

It’s just a couple of miles down the road from Old Hat so it was a quick journey, pop on the pinny, grab a paintbrush and off we go…

Studio Chicken grainy

The Studio is in the beautiful old courtyard of a farmhouse. It’s such a beautiful setting and the peace and quiet allows me to focus on the piece I’m reviving.

Today the chickens wandered in and out of the studio inspecting my work. At one point three of them stood, heads tipped on one side, softly clucking away to each other as if they were seriously considering the merits of my paint colour choice and technique! I actually laughed out loud and found myself asking their opinions at various points…

I don’t know how the chickens feel about what I managed to achieve – but I am quite happy. A shapely side table was transformed from dull brown to an elegant soft lavender. A lovely old pub table was sanded, wobbly legs fixed, frame and legs painted in a handsome blue. When I return to it, the top will be refinished, the legs waxed and then it will move into the shop.

Happy with my work, I bid a good day to the lady chickens, and went to sort out the grumblings in my tum…

I’m glad to report that I wasn’t the only one in love with the pretty lavender table; a very excited lady purchased it only an hour after it was delivered to the shop…she promised to allow the wax to cure!

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